Core Services

Beautiful Apps

We provide the best web experience to our customers by developing websites that would meet their requirements and satisfy them.

Web development

Wow your visitors with spectacular designs, We provide the best designs out their that are responsive, eye catching and beautiful.

24/7 Support

Our support team are avaiable 24/7 waiting to help and guide you through any problems that you face.

Other Expertise

Besides the above listed services, TechnAre provides various other services which are listed below

Custom setup

Customize your site and make it look and feel like you want it to. We don't force you to use any template instead we let you choose the design that suits your business.

Smart Devices compatible

With smart devices being used by everyone, web experience needs to be as fun in the smart devices as it is on the desktop therefore the designs we provide are compatible with all smart devices.

All star support team

TechnAre provides the best support team anyone could ask for, just try us and you will understand why we call them the all star support team.

Privacy Protection

We work on projects that are published online and also those which are made for personal usage and we insure you that all the data sent to us is always protected.

Our Portfolio

Our main goal is to provide the best experience for our clients, we seek to provide the greatest quality and astonishing designs that satisfy our clients needs.

We have worked with many clients in our past, and all of them are very happy with our final products.

Sail Away Your Worries

With us you don't need to worry anymore, just present your idea to us and we will convert it into reality and we will make your business grow further.

All-star Team

We have a team of experts who are very keen to learn new skills and are never afraid to try new things in order to satisfy the clients needs.

Effective Communication

We think that the success of any project is due the effective communication with the client, so communicating with the client and noting down their requirements is one of our biggest priorities.

WordPress Customization of Select Fashion

In this project we worked on the design of the site and customized the WordPress theme according to our clients needs.

Web Design of RTE

We customized.the site design based on our client's needs. The website was built for a company that wanted to show off it's products.

Web Design of Nam Hong Coffee

Here we customized the design for a client who wanted to show off the products of a coffee stall.

Web Design of Synovial Lubricants

This project was for the design and development of a website for an lubricants and greases firm.

Web Design of Uniko Technologies

We designed the entire website and developed it for our client "Uniko Technologies".

Web design

We designed this website according to our client's requirements.

Surprise App

A beautiful and innovative way of surprising loved ones by sending them an app of wishes and memorable moments .

EEPC Website development

This is our first multilingual website, we are still working on it .

WordPress Blog Customization

We were able to customize the theme and tweak it according to our client's needs .

About us

  • June 2013 Our Humble Beginnings

    We graduated from university and that was our first step towards our dream. We didn't start looking for jobs because our dream was bigger than a office job. We assembled the best designers and developers we know and decided to start a small business of software developement.

  • September 2013 Facing Startup Battles

    Just like any start up we were facing troubles with getting our name out and getting enough clients but we didn't give up.

  • December 2013 The first sign of success

    We were hired for the development of our first real life project for a small company. After that we kept getting requests from many people that was our first step towards success.

  • July 2014 Our Triumph

    The year and half of our hardwork has passed and now here we are working with big clients and getting hired by many amazing companies to do what we are best at developing website.

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